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*pokes self*

I'm being very bad with this journal. I might delete it if I keep forgetting about it, but we'll see.  My other journal now has a paid account, so it's even better. Jill totally rocks out loud for that. XD

Been doing a nice bit of writing lately, mainly for Tattoo/Typhoid, Underworld, Blade (mainly just with Stain the Night), Cursed, and Sin City. Hope to write more for Sin City (which, BTW, is an awesome movie, and all the graphic novels I've read so far have been awesome as well).  I need to read the second graphic novel soon, as I really want to write Dwight/Gail. Also need to finish my Jackie Boy/Becky (I know, weird ship, usual with me) ficlet and write more Marv/Goldie. I love Marv/Goldie. They needed more scenes together, dangit.

Been getting angrier and angrier with as time goes by. I'll probably be deleted by them sometime soon, considering some of the stuff I have uploaded there. I think if they really do go through with this latest announcement, a lot of people will leave and boycott.  Plenty of people have songfics or chapters with lyrics in them or poetry or something. We'll see, I guess.

Well, that's all for now. Looking forward to Man-Thing on Sci-Fi tonight. Aren't I such a comic book movie nerd? *shrugs* Eh, oh well. Comic book movies rule. Especially Sin City. So incredibly close to the comics and such a good movie.  Ranks right up there with Hellboy (one of the other few comic book movies that I loev for the movie itself, not just certain characters). I should be going now though, got some things to do. I'll try and post more often here.

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New fandoms

Well, have several new fandoms I'm getting into. Like, Sin City, mainly.  Which has a beautiful, tragic ship I love, and a ship that *gasp* actually ends up together! So, I'm like totally fulfilled. That will probably be my only ship that ends up together this year, I'm thinking. *sighs*  Anyway, going to see that movie as soon as it comes out.  Hopefully will be able to purchase the comics soon.

Also, Cursed.  Now this was a disappointing movie, yes, but still it wasn't too horrible.  The ending was stupid and sucked and so terribly anti-werewolf, but oh well. Totally need Jake/Ellie icons.  Cause they rule.

Elektra comes out soon.  Tattoo! Typhoid Mary! Tattoo/Typhoid Mary!! Ahh, I do so love them. Wrote my fourth (not fifth since the vamprie story is taking my muse forever to finish) ficlet for them the other day.  Was fun writing that one, I really enjoyed it.  Hopefully I'll be able to write more this weekend and next week.  Maybe I'll finally get that vampire ficlet done.

Need more werewolf fandoms. Perhaps I'll write more ficlets for Blood and Chocolate.  I mean, there's always Van Helsing and Underworld, but it also has vamps.  I want vamp free werewolves! *le sigh*

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Been so long since I posted here! But that'll change. Right now, I'm doing a friends cut on my other journal, and having it be more personal. This journal will be more for fandom and RPGs, with occasional updates on my life, plus fanlisting pimpings and stuff. So, yeah. Expect updats in here every so often.
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Wow, a post here. Just to pimp.

Wow, been a long while since I posted in this journal. Need to remember I still have it. Yes, must do that. Anyway, this is just to post some links of new groups and my finalisting and other stuff. Why? I'm pimping my stuff. And I'm bored. - Lucian (Michael Sheen)'s return petition - Lucian/Sonja fanlisting - Michael Sheen yahoo group - Underworld Fanfic Challenge group - Dracula group - Werewolf group
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well, I am certainly thankful for plenty of things. And not so thankful for probably more things, but oh well. That's life.

I'm probably the most thankful that my mom is doing well, except for being sore and having mood swings.

I'm also very thankful for all my friends here and at and where I live! Friends are sometimes better than family, and half the time closer. And I kind of feel that way about ya'll, since I tell people here stuff I would NEVER tell my parents.

Kind of nice, really. :)

Hoep everyone here has plenty to be thankful for, and will have even more next year!!

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Michael Sheen pimpage

Today is the DAY!!!! Timeline is now out, and hopefully I will be going to see it today!!!! *bounces*

Anyway, in honor of Timeline's release, I'm pimping all my stuff having to do with it and with Michael Sheen. Ok, almost completely Michael, but still. Later this afternoon, I will post icons, but for now, links!

Since it might get long, I'm putting the links under a cut.

Collapse )

And I think that is it. Later will be icons and a wallpaper having to do with Timeline, and Michael Sheen. ;) Now go, visit these places, join these groups! Expecially the Lucian group, as it is slightly dead right now. So go on and show your love. ;) Hehehe.
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(no subject)

I'm going to do a couple of lists here. That is all.

Fanlistings I hope to create if I ever learn HTML:

Underworld Lucian/Sonja Fanfiction
Underworld Sonja Character
Underworld Lycans Characters
Underworld Fan Music Videos
Timeline Lord Oliver Character
Timeline Andre Marek/Lady Claire Relationship
Michael Sheen Movies
Kevin Grevioux Actor

And that's all I can think of right now. Maybe I'll think of more later, maybe I won't. Right now I'm too tired to care.

Movies I'll have to keep at my nana's until I have my own apartment (if I even get to buy them):

Dracula 2000
Dracula 2: Ascension
Freddy vs. Jason
Hard Target
Four Feathers (cause my mom would roll her eyes and give me some sort of lecture if she knew I bought it)

And again, there may be more, but I'm too tired to care. I think I can actually get to sleep now. staticradar and the_sublime_cat, Hybrid War Chapter 21 will be completed tomorrow if I am able to get some free time. But my parents were saying earlier that we'd be doing a lot of house work, so things are looking bleak for me.

*bawls, resists the urge to scream and goes off to get some sleep*
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Ok, question

Where is Moldavia? I'm working on The Covenant, my Underworld L/S prequel, and I really need to kno if it's actually IN Romania or just right next to it. Cause I'm looking around the net and can't really find out yet.

So, anyone who knows, PLEASE tell me!!!

Also, does anyone around here know where I could find a site with Hungarian and/or Romanian english-to-R and/or H or the other way around? I'd like to be able to use the languages a bit in the story.

Much thanks to anyone who can help!!! Again, "desperate" would be a good mood icon now.
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Werewolf group

Well, I've started yet another yahoo group. This time it's for werewolves, whether it be wolf books, movies, characters, anything really. Just for werewolves in I guess you could say pop culture maybe. Anyway, if anyone wants to join *hint, hint*, here is the link:

Yeah, not the most original name or even that great of a non-original one, but it does fit! ;)
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